Autonomous Car: Automate parallel parking

In the life of humanity, vehicles and cars have a significant role. Humans by car from one place to another easily be moved, but the biggest problem due to population growth and increased car traffic, entry and exit for parking services. In the this project first using image processing software (c ++) the camera in the car’s mirror, Car surroundings review and moving the vehicle when exiting the park to identify and detect dangerous and the best time to get out safely with the park. After the time out of the park, Using little computer along with programs required car it is and sensors around the car, show distance to the car in front and rear of the car. If the distance to the car in front of 150 cm can be removed without having to back out of the park and if the distance is less than 150 cm for cars goes back a stage and space needed provides to get out of the park. Move the vehicle to get out of the park process by the equation of the fifth degree curve based on fuzzy environment (Each of the coefficients have a certain size). The car moves on the curve and out of the park.


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photo_2017-04-08_11-43-19 photo_2017-04-08_11-43-28